Ocala's Historic District

Ocala’s Historic District developed as the most prominent residential area of Ocala from circa 1880-1930. The 172.5 acre district grew eastward from Ocala’s Town Square and has retained its character and authenticity to the history of the area.
Ocala’s Historic District is loved for the neighborhood green spaces, boutique style businesses, and Live Oak canopied streets illustrated on scenic SE 5th Street.
The Ocala Historic District is a walkable and golf car accessible neighborhood.

The Historic neighborhood is decorated with many architectural styles:

  • Queen Anne Revival
  • Mediterranean Revival
  • Classic Revival
  • Tudor Revival
  • Romanesque
  • American Bungalow
  • Georgian Revival
  • Vernacular
  • Colonial Revival
  • Carpenter Gothic

The Historic Ocala Preservation Society (HOPS) has dedicated over 35 years to the preservation of the neighborhood and residences promoting minimalism of intrusive elements.

Ocala’s Historic District
Historic Ocala Preservation Society

School Districts:

Eighth Street Elementary School
Osceola Middle School
Forest High School


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